Family Stories
Meg Tweedy Studio Family Stories  Found items
When the Bough Breaks, Greenwich Arts Society102nd Annual Members Exhibition
Found items
34" x 24" x 44"

Awarded the Jerry's Artarama Award by Megan Fontanella, curator, the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum
This seatless rocking chair where I nursed my two sons represents the joys and sorrows of motherhood. I stitched the dates of the births and miscarriages of my children on the linen draped across the arms of the chair.
Meg Tweedy Studio Family Stories  Found items
When the Bough Breaks
Best in Show, Loft Artists Association fifth annual tri-state juried exhibition, Relishing Restraint. August 2018.
Found items
34" x 24" x 44"

In keeping with the theme of restraint, I limited my materials to four found items.

Meg Tweedy Studio Family Stories  Encaustic and paper
Peggy’s Garden
2018 Silvermine Guild New Member Exhibition
Encaustic and paper
38" x 38"

“Peggy’s Garden” is an ode to my recently deceased mother, an artist and farm girl who embraced, nature, color and life itself with passion and determination. Employing encaustics to create colors and shapes, I alternated surfaces of wood and fabric, painting and mono printing to contrast textures as I played with size, color and repetition. Images of Peggy, some half hidden, allow the seasons of her life to mimic the seasons of this garden.

Meg Tweedy Studio Family Stories  mixed media
High Tea
2014, Second Place Sculpture Rowayton Art Show
mixed media
8" x 8" x 16"

As a child, I went on numerous nature walks and had many tea parties with my grandmother. Using acorns, milkweed pods and grasses, I transformed my grandmother's fine china.

Meg Tweedy Studio Family Stories  collage
Touchdown Jesus
18" x 24"

(SOLD) A stained glass window collage incorporates the religious moments and images from my family's life, from altar boys and baptisms to weddings and the image of Notre Dame's Touchdown Jesus where my father attended college. My mother holding my baby brother, at the top, brings to mind the Madonna.
Meg Tweedy Studio Family Stories  paper collage
Jersey Girl
paper collage
16" x 16"

Inspired by the Ocean City beach badge pass from my late Uncle Bill. I incorporated the actual badge and mirrored the image in pencil and paper. PS I am a Jersey girl.

Meg Tweedy Studio Family Stories  mixed media
"I Do, I Do"
mixed media
11" x 14"

I wore my great grandmother's wedding dress exactly 100 years after she did. This piece incorporates a piece of the dress, photos from both our wedding days, pearls and lace.
Meg Tweedy Studio Family Stories  acrylic
Home is Where the Heart Is
2012, First Place Acrylics at Rowayton Arts Center and Honorable Mention at Darien Art Show
24" x 24"

An abstract portrait of our home

Meg Tweedy Studio Family Stories  acrylic
Night Shadows
12" x 18"

A nighttime portrait of the Squam Lake, New Hampshire, cabin where we spend a week every summer with extended family. Fittingly, the cabin's name is Nirvana.